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Improve process efficiency, labor flexibility and reduce compliance risks, leaving in our hands the administration of payroll.

Payroll Administration

We process your payroll and punctually issue required reports to comply with legal, labor and tax liabilities.

With our payroll administration service you will have no need to worry about analysis, benefits and salary payments, retentions, software purchasing and updating, hardware, data security, updating of labor laws, social security and costs of personnel to be assigned to prepare the payroll within your company.

We take care of the complete process of paying your employees and of contacting diverse government offices in relation to your payroll.

We offer

Paperwork and registration of workers in the IMSS Capture, processing and payroll Generation of receipts and file for payroll tranfer Calculation of settlements Calculation of duties and taxes of the company (IMSS, INFONAVIT, state and federal taxes) Dismissal of staff