Customer Privacy Notice
In accordance with the provisions of Article 17, section II of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties we inform you that Management Developing Center, S. de R.L. de C.V. (the "Responsible"), located at Aristóteles 81-304, Col. Polanco, C.P. 11560, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, and according to the contracts with its subsidiaries will treat the personal information obtained from you in terms of this privacy notice.

I. Purposes.

  • All that that allows to establish a legal relationship with the Responsible,
  • To establish a database of clients to promote services, prospecting and business relationship,
  • Improve control and the realization of subsequent processes for consulting information,
  • Getting information to provide services and,
  • To conclude a contract so that Responsible provides services such as recruitment, selection, evaluation staff, administrative staff and payroll outsourcing staff.

Therefore and to achieve the purposes above, the following personal data will be processed: name, surname, address, telephone (mobile and landline), RFC, property registration, IMSS employer registration number, nationality, country of residence, Twitter user, Facebook user, LinkedIn user, type of service required, contact name, contact phone, contact email, description of the service and conditions of business name, address and phone of the applicant, reports of the service, sector, line of business and the following financial or economic data: major lending institutions in which have bank accounts, branch office, account numbers and CLABE account numbers.

II. Options to limit the use or disclosure of personal data..
Any revocation request access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the use, storage, collection or disclosure of your personal data must meet the requirements of the LFPDPPP and shall be sent to the email address who will process the requests of holders pursuant to LFPDPPP.

III.Ways to exercise the ARCO rights.

You have the right to:

  1. Access to your personal data in our possession and the details of their treatment,
  2. Rectify it if inaccurate or incomplete,
  3. Delete it when considered not be required for any of the purposes outlined in this privacy notice or being used for purposes not consented or has completed contractual or service relationship,
  4. Oppose the processing of them for specific purposes, as prescribed by law (collectively, the "ARCO Rights").

To exercise your ARCO Rights, you must submit an application to the Responsible, to the attention of Privacy Officer at the address "Responsible", accompanied by the following information and documentation:

  1. Your name, address and email to communicate the answer to the ARCO request;
  2. A copy of the documents certifying your identity (copy of IFE, passport or other official identification) or, if applicable, the documents proving legal representation, which original shall be presented to receive the answer of "Responsible";
  3. A clear and accurate description of personal data for which seeks to exercise any of the ARCO Rights;
  4. Any document or information which facilitates the location of your personal data;
  5. In the case you request a correction of your personal data, you must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide documentation to support your request.

MANAGEMENT DEVELOPING CENTER, S. A. DE C.V. will respond to your ARCO Request and the reasons for their decision via e-mail within a maximum period of 30 working days from the day on which have received your ARCO request. If the ARCO request is answered affirmatively, the requested changes will be made within a maximum of 20 working days. The "Responsible" may notify you within the time referred to in this paragraph the extension thereof, for once, for a period equal to the original.

IV. Changes or modifications to this Privacy Notice.
The Privacy Notice may be updated periodically and without prior notice to reflect changes in our use of personal information. These updates will be communicated through the website ( It is the responsibility of the owner to review and state under the procedure established, what serves his interests.

V. Transfers of personal data.
Please note that your personal information may be transferred within and outside the country, to the following types of recipients, for the purposes indicated in each case:

Type of Recipient In order to:
Clients of the Responsible Referencing the business relationship with Responsible.
Companies in the same group of the Responsible Advertising, commercial projection, marketing.
Organizations / Institutions within and outside the sector Support and / or disclosure required for placement of applicants likely to be used by other companies.
Mexican Financial System Institutions Opening Payroll Account.
Social Security Institutions IMSS, Infonavit and Fonacot.
Judicial instances Local or Federal Public Ministry, Civil, Criminal and Family Courts, Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
Insurance Companies Arrange life insurance, major medical expenses, accidents and any related.

VI. Consent.

I consent to the processing of my personal, financial and property data necessary for the legal relationship with the "Responsible" purposes. (Refuse the processing of your personal data will result in the inability to establish a legal relationship with the "Responsible").

Update date. June 23, 2016.